The Phelps Mission:

Phelps Buys Houses specializes in assisting distressed property owners find a new light given their circumstances. As we are not affiliated with any institutions we move quickly and decisively providing an opportunity for all to prosper.


We are regular guys just like you.

We believe in making communities better and helping folks who need a break.


Our clients appreciate our passion for investing, especially because we are innovative with our ability to find and properly evaluate opportunities. We focus on mutual love and respect while being dynamic implementing creative strategies to consistently bring value to an emerging marketplace. Our Rock Star team has been recognized for their generous contribution to the marketplace and charitable organizations.  As visionaries we appreciate and respect our fiduciary responsibilities that accompany a stable, yet growing, company.

Stuart Gethner

Managing Partner

Stuart Gethner was born in Chicago to a family of Real Estate Investors. His undergraduate degree and Graduate Degree were in the field of Economics and Pharmacology.


He moved to Phoenix Arizona over 25-years ago and as a true Entrepreneur Stuart started 3 different, very profitable, successful pharmaceutical and medical businesses. He sold all three companies, which are still in business today. So for some years he has focused all his attention on his Real Estate investment practice. At the same time Stuart was also investing in real estate.


And Now The Rest of the Story: As a successful real estate investor, Stuart wanted to share his knowledge with others and started conducting Real Estate Seminar courses. Stuart has taught on 10 different real estate subjects that over 5,000 students have attended.


Stuart met his wife Stephanie who is a Realtor through their mutual interest in real estate investing. Stephanie has her own separate real estate business. Stuart resides in Scottsdale, Arizona and has one son and two daughters.


Lizz Barnett

Executive Director

I’m originally from Anaheim, California,  the home of Disneyland. And like Walt Disney, I believe in the magic of your dreams. We moved to Phoenix for the quality of life. 


Prior to Phelps I worked for Kurtzman Carson Consultants whose parent company is Computershare. We handled corporate bankruptcies (restructuring), class action litigations, and medical lien resolutions. I assisted the President, COO, President of Business Development, and CFO. 


I like working for Phelps because it’s a company that really cares about their employees and their clients. I love helping people and it has always been a strength of mine. I’m able to express my strengths with no questions asked. The environment is phenomenal. My previous real estate experience was limited but I’ve learned so much from Stuart and Joseph and I have learned a lot about myself. I’m challenged every day, and I have produced and maintained more than I ever thought was possible. The support system here is one like I’ve never encountered before.


Everyone has a story and everyone has struggles. It’s great to live vicariously through people and help them accomplish things that even I have trouble accomplishing in my own life. To help other people through rough times in their life also gives me faith and hope that help is possible, no matter what the struggle is. It’s an indescribable feeling when at the end of the day, the people you are helping can sleep better at night.


Dalton Grant

Project Coordinator

Dalton Grant is a 22-year-old up and coming entrepreneur. He was born in Phoenix, AZ to a stay at home mother, and a father that was a master mechanic for Chrysler.  His father told him at a young age, “if you want something, never let anyone take that from you.” Ever since that day, whatever he wanted, he worked until it was his. 


He has put his foot in the water on multiple businesses but finally found one that suited him. At the age of 16, Dalton started raising cattle for rodeos across the nation. After three years and running a very successful operation, he had to make a hard decision; sell his business and go to college or move to Texas and raise cattle full-time.  After many sleepless nights, he figured out a way to start his degree in architectural drafting AND still have cattle in Texas!


Phelps welcomed Dalton in January 2016 and since then has done his first wholesale deal and has retained priceless information about real estate investing.  He is extremely excited to see where he can go in real estate and he is very thankful for the connections he has already made.


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